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Cervical Smear Testing

Cervical Cancer Screening & Smear Tests

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Cervical smear tests are a quick and simple way for a GP or consultant gynaecologist to detect early abnormalities in the cells in a woman’s cervix. By detecting changes in cells early, a cervical smear can be the first step in diagnosing and treating cervical cancer. Early detection and treatment may prevent 75% of cancers developing.

Cervical screening is no longer available on the NHS for women between the ages of 18 and 25, but if you fall into this age bracket it is still important to get tested regularly. Pall Mall Medical can perform smear testing for women from the age of 18.

We offer a choice of having a smear test with a male or female GP, or a male or female consultant gynaecologist.


What if my smear test results are abnormal?

If you receive an abnormal smear result, it can be worrying, but abnormal results are not uncommon and don’t necessarily mean you are at risk of developing cervical cancer. One in every 20 women are told they have an abnormal smear and are referred for a colposcopy. Often, this simply involves a close examination of your cervix (the neck of your womb) with a colposcope and a small biopsy to rule out pre-cancer.

The majority of abnormal smears are caused by a virus known as HPV. This virus infects 80% of the population by the age of 50 years. It is possible to test for this virus and this is best done alongside your smear, and then the results can be interpreted by a consultant gynaecologist at Pall Mall Medical – someone trained to manage abnormal smears and HPV.

Our consultant gynaecologists are also available to perform a colposcopy to investigate your results more closely if needed.  Book a private smear test with us to avoid NHS waiting lists and get fast results, putting your mind at ease sooner.


Private smear test prices



Cervical Smear Test

(excludes appointment, with a doctor £110, with a consultant gynaecologist £225)