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Ultrasound Scans - Medical

Ultrasound imaging (sonography) is a non-invasive technique used to take pictures of your internal organs in order to help diagnose the symptoms you have been experiencing. No x-rays or any type of ionising radiation is involved and for this reason, it is considered very safe.

The technology is also used during pregnancy; more information about this can be found on our pregnancy ultrasound page.

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Our Pricing

Scan Type Price (Manchester) Price (Other Locations)
Breast Not Available £150
Full abdominal

(Pelvis and Upper abdominal combined) 

£195 £245
Upper abdominal
The ultrasound imagery will show the movement, blood flow and muscle movement. Organs that are looked at are liver, gall bladder, bile ducts, pancreas and spleen. Upper abdominal scans allow a sonographer to...

  • See an obvious or suspected abdominal mass
  • Distinguish different soft tissue structures and organs
  • Blockages to blood flow
  • A real-time image of the upper organs working together
£130 £170
Female Pelvic scan
This scan can be used for Ovarian screening, screening of the Uterus, Endometrial screening (lining of the womb) and IUCD assessment (the presence and position of the contraceptive coil)
£130 £170
Scrotal scan
The ultrasound is done to help determine why one or both testicles have become larger, or to find the reason for pain in the testicles. A sudden onset of pain in the scrotum may be very serious. The most common cause of scrotal pain is epididymitis, an inflammation of the epididymis. Ultrasound can detect an absent or undescended testicle as well. In rare cases, a testicle may fail to develop. Scrotal scans allow a sonographer to...

  • Determine whether a mass in the scrotum felt by the patient or doctor is cystic or solid
  • Diagnose results of trauma to the scrotal area
  • Diagnose causes of testicular pain or swelling such as inflammation or torsion
  • Evaluate the cause of infertility such as varicocele
£170 Not Available
Liver scan £130 £170
Renal scan (Includes the Kidney and Bladder, also prostate for male patients) £130 £170
Thyroid scan £170 Not Available
Ovarian scan (Female Pelvis)
Also available with a consultant gynaecologist
£130 £170
Female Pelvis For IVF and Follicular Tracking
Also available with a consultant gynaecologist at £325 including consultation
£130 £170
Doppler Ultrasound £195 (per leg) £195 (per leg)

What to do next

If you would like to book an appointment for a private ultrasound scan, please feel welcome to call our customer service team on 03300 58 44 55 or email gp@pallmallmedical.co.uk

No referral is required when booking an ultrasound scan with us, however we do require some clinical information in order to complete our internal booking form for the sonographer.

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