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Private X-Rays at Pall Mall Medical

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X-Rays provide a lot of information about the area being scanned. It can show whether a bone is broken or not, even if it is a small fracture, and if collections of liquids are present within organs, confirming any previous diagnosis.

A radiologist will analyse the results of the scan to determine the course of action to take. The procedure is painless and there are no side effects.

They can be used for...

  • Confirming broken bones and clarifying the healing strategy.
  • Imaging the lungs to show build up of liquids or areas for concern.
  • Identifying the position and size of tumours.
  • Visa medical purposes to check for TB.

Pall Mall Medical can offer same day private X-Rays in the centre of Manchester, Liverpool and in Newton-le-Willows. There are no waiting times. We can organise same day Visa Medical Chest X-Rays.


Private x-ray prices

Type of X-Ray Price From
Cervical and Lumbar Spine X-Ray 


Cervical Spine X-Ray (1 view)


Chest X-Ray


Fingers and Toes X-Ray


Full Spine X-Ray (Cervical, Lumbar, Thoracic)


Hip X-Ray £190.00
Lumbar Spine X-Ray (1 view)


Lumbar Spine and Pelvis X-Ray 


Pelvis X-Ray 


Sacrum and Coccyx X-Ray 


Scaphoid X-Ray 


Sinus X-Ray


Skull X-Ray (1 view)


Thoracic Spine X-Ray (1 view)


Thoraco-Lumbar Spine X-Ray (2 views)