Peace of mind with private X-Rays no - NHS referral

Our specialist radiologist will analyse the results of the scan to determine the course of action to take.

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Private X-Rays

A radiologist will analyse the results of your X-Ray to determine the course of action to take. The procedure is painless and there are no side effects.

They can be used for...

  • Confirming broken bones and clarifying the healing strategy.
  • Imaging the lungs to show build up of liquids or areas for concern.
  • Identifying the position and size of tumours.
  • Visa medical purposes to check for TB.

Pall Mall Medical can offer a same day private X-Rays in the centre of Manchester, Liverpool and in Newton-le-Willows. There are no waiting times. We can organise same day Visa Medical Chest X-Rays.


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Why Choose us?

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Identify broken bones or injury
  • Determine location of tumours
  • Same day appointments available
  • At your convenience
  • Available at multiple locations

Our Pricing

Type of X-Ray Price From
Cervical and Lumbar Spine X-Ray £260
Cervical Spine X-Ray (1 view) £180.00
Chest X-Ray £150.00
Fingers and Toes X-Ray £150.00
Full Spine X-Ray (Cervical, Lumbar, Thoracic) £360.00
Hip X-Ray £190.00
Lumbar Spine X-Ray (1 view) £180.00
Lumbar Spine and Pelvis X-Ray £330.00
Pelvis X-Ray £180.00
Sacrum and Coccyx X-Ray £260.00
Scaphoid X-Ray £210.00
Sinus X-Ray £260.00
Skull X-Ray (1 view) £180.00
Thoracic Spine X-Ray (1 view) £180.00
Thoraco-Lumbar Spine X-Ray (2 views) £240.00

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