Flu Vaccination

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What is a flu vaccination?

People who are more susceptible to complications resulting from flu, including pregnant women, over 65s and at-risk children, are offered the flu jab on the NHS. If you do not fit into one of these groups but would still like to be vaccinated against the flu virus then the vaccination is available privately.

Only offered to patients aged 18-65.

Adults will only need a single dose.


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Flu Vaccination Explained

by Dr Hilary Jones

We've teamed up with our brand ambassador, Dr Hilary Jones, to bring you a series of videos that get to the heart of our services and treatments.

Dr Hilary Jones is a household name in the UK known for his medical expertise and coverage on hit TV shows Good Morning Britain, Radio 2 and Lorraine.

How much does a flu jab/vaccination cost?

Service Price
Flu Vaccination £20


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