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Jess, Breast Enlargement Patient

Pall Mall Cosmetics | Boob Job Newton-Le-Willows

Jess Mahon

Breast Enlargement Patient - "After having my surgery at Pall Mall, I feel a lot more feminine and confident in myself."

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How long was your recovery period?

It’s advised to take a week off work after having your surgery, so I rested in bed for the whole week. I ate lots of fruit and veg and drank lots of fluids to support my recovery process. I also made sure I followed all the correct after care to prevent any wound healing issues. I wore my free Macom post-surgery bra religiously and attended all relevant post op appointments.

How did you spend your time recovering?

I spent my time resting and taking things easy. It’s quite hard to do anything for yourself after a BBA as you can barely lift your arms up. My Mum helped me to do pretty much everything for that week.

What are your three recovery must-haves? 

I always advise people to put their hair in French plaits before surgery as you won’t be able to wash / style your hair at all after the procedure. One of my friends who’s a hairdresser was kind enough to wash my hair and re-plait it for me after a couple of days.

You are advised to sleep upright for the first couple of days so I would recommend a pregnancy pillow. You can buy these anywhere and I found it more comfortable to sleep on my back with one of these.

I found that my post-surgery bra became a comfort for me after my procedure. You will experience quite a lot of pressure / aches after surgery and the bra helps to support you in the best way possible. I am almost 2 and a half years post op and still wear my bra, mainly at night.

What do you think of your results?

I am very happy with my results and got the natural look I wanted. Since having my procedure at Pall Mall, three of my friends have had different procedures done and are also very happy with the outcome.

What’s your advice for people looking to book in for surgery?

My advice for anyone looking to have surgery would be to research and make sure it is something you want long term. Don’t have surgery if you are looking for a short-term fix. It should be something you have considered and researched for some time. I also couldn’t stress enough how important post op care is. If you follow the correct advice short and long term, you will get the results you want. I understand everybody is different and some healing issues cannot be helped, however Pall Mall will always ensure you receive a high level of care. I have never been happier and more confident since having my procedure and would recommend cosmetic surgery to anybody if It makes you feel better in yourself.

Pall Mall Cosmetics | Newton-Le-Willows Breast Enlargement

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