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Rachel, Breast Reduction Patient

Rachel McMahon

Breast Reduction Patient - "I can exercise more frequently, and I just feel so much better."

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Why did you go private? What did the NHS say if you tried to go through them?

I went private because I battled with the NHS for 4 years, I had large breasts since I was 15/16 and my battle with the NHS went on since I was 16 and they would keep pushing me away and fobbing me off. They eventually told me after a 4-year battle I was not an acceptable case and I needed to “grow into them” I was 20 years of age at this point I had suffered for 4/5 years with large breasts. They didn’t see my case as any different to other people. So, I eventually gave up and went to yourselves (pall mall) and I can honestly say going private was the best thing I ever did. The aftercare was brilliant and the care whilst in hospital was fabulous. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel so much more confident in myself and my mental health has improved massively since my surgery in May!

How do you feel now you've had it done?

As previously explained in my response to the 3rd question, I feel a million times better I don’t think anyone will ever understand how much better I feel. When I had larger breasts, I’d sit crying for an hour at least every day, or every day I was going on a night out I’d cry so hard because I felt so low and so ugly with how they made me feel. Now, with my new smaller breasts I feel so much more confident and can wear things I would never have worn 2 years ago. The compliments I get off everyone is such a confidence boost. My weights improved. I can exercise more frequently, and I just feel so much better. Best decision I ever made.

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