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About Us

  • North West clinics and private hospital
  • Owned and led by doctors
  • Medical services
  • Scans and radiology
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

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Medical Services We put the patient at the heart of everything we do.

With convenient appointment times to suit you, no NHS referrals needed, a dedicated team of specialised healthcare professionals and speedy access to state-of-the-art treatment - you can rest assured at Pall Mall you will be taken care of to the highest standards.

  • Same day GP appointments
  • Scans and radiology
  • Consultant led services
  • Health screens for men and women
  • Blood testing
  • Medical procedures

Pall Mall cosmetic surgery patients

Pall Mall Cosmetics | Leeds Breast Enlargement

Cosmetic Surgery We’re all about shaping the new, more confident you.

Pall Mall is owned and lead by doctors - which means care without compromise. We're driven by how best we can deliver what will make you feel great about yourself - from your first call right through to total, attentive aftercare. And we work hard to make these principles a reality for every single patient - which is why we're rated 4.95/5 on

  • Care quality commission regulated
  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • Privately owned hospital
  • Rated excellent on Trustpilot

Pall Mall blogs

How to eat healthy if you aren’t a very good chef
Cooking isn’t for everyone, but you can still eat delicious and healthy meals.
Pall Mall Fallback Image
Pall Mall Fallback Image
Introducing plastic surgeon Mr Hussain

Pall Mall has recently welcomed experienced plastic surgeon Mr Amer Hussain to the team.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
Hay fever season is nearly here!

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen, which can be released from a number of natural sources including trees or grass.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
What to pack in your cosmetic surgery bag

What to include in your surgery bag so you feel prepared and comfortable.

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Private CT scans frequently asked questions

What is a CT Scan and why should you have one?

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Book a private GP appointment at Pall Mall

Why should you go private?

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How to eat healthy if you aren’t a very good chef

Cooking isn’t for everyone, but you can still eat delicious and healthy meals.

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How Your Sex Life Affects Your Breast Size

Your sex life can affect the size and appearance of your breasts

Pall Mall Fallback Image
2-Day Hangovers: Are They Real and What is Going On in Your Body?

Escaping a hangover gets trickier with age, as you might well know.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
Botox, Bocouture, Azzalure. What are the differences?

There are several anti-wrinkle formulations on the market, Let's take a look at their differences

Pall Mall Fallback Image
When do breasts stop growing?

Breasts grow at their own rates, which may mean one breast appears months before the other.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
The Vitamin D deficiency – what you need to know

A lack of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities

Pall Mall Fallback Image
Slapped Cheek Syndrome: Everything You Need To Know About The Condition

Slapped cheek can easily often be difficult to spot or is easily confused with other illnesses.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
How a Blood Test Can Help to Explain Unintentional Weight Loss

We’re here to tell you about the importance of listening to your body when it shows you the signs.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
The lowdown on gynaecological questions that you’ve always wanted to ask…

Answers all your gynaecological questions with Dr Maiti

Pall Mall Fallback Image
Name Body mass index and cosmetic surgery

What the maximum your body mass index (BMI) can be to have cosmetic surgery.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
Causes of Cold Hands and How to Get Relief

We’ve sat down with Dr Tang to discuss the possible causes of cold hands and how to get relief.

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Your guide to private MRI scans – process, length, cost & more

A Private MRI Scan can help diagnose certain health conditions.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
10 Frequent Questions We Get Asked About Cosmetic Surgery

Your cosmetic surgery questions answered by our lead nurse, Maxine.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
Sun, Sand and Moles – 5 Things You Need To Know!

Guide to what you need to know about Moles, being in the sun, spotting changes and how we can get rid of them.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
What are tubular breasts?

Everything you need to know about Tubular breasts.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
What actually happens when you’re sleeping…

A lot happens in your body while you sleep including your REM and non-REM cycle.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
What Is a Nasal Endoscopy and Why I May Need It?

Everything you need to know about a Nasal Endoscopy!

Pall Mall Fallback Image
The Hay Fever Treatments All Sufferers Should Know About

Hay Fever treatments to save you this summer!

Pall Mall Fallback Image
Drop and fluff – what does it mean?

Important information following Breast Enlargement surgery.

Pall Mall Fallback Image
How to prepare for cosmetic surgery

Everything you need to know before your surgery!

Pall Mall Fallback Image
Causes of asymmetrical breasts

Did you know that breasts rarely look the same? They often differ in shape and size.

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