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Sarah, Mummy Makeover Patient

Sarah Bradshaw

Mummy Makeover Patient - "If you can do something that is life-changing and going to make you feel better about yourself, I say go for it. I’ve never looked back."

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Going under the knife didn’t faze me as I’d had a boob job in 2015, taking me from a 32B to 32D, which had given me a massive confidence boost.

After researching clinics and procedures, I booked a full mummy makeover – tummy tuck, liposuction on my flanks, and boobs uplifted with my original implants – with Pall Mall Cosmetics, at a cost of £11,000, which I paid for with savings.

Martyn asked if I was sure – it’s always a risk going under anaesthetic – but I felt confident in my decision.

Sarah gained 8st after her 4th pregnancy, going from size 12-20 in nine months.

For the first seven days after surgery, I stayed in bed while Martyn looked after the kids, but the following week, I could move around, and by the third week, I was back at work.

I loved what I could see of my new body under the binder – a compression garment I had to wear across my tummy to help the healing process – and even though I was swollen, my clothes looked different, as my tummy overhang was gone.

When the binder was removed six weeks later, I was amazed at the results.

The kids didn’t notice, but Martyn said I looked incredible, and the boost to my confidence has been huge.

I splashed out on my dream wedding dress at a cost of around £2,000, and the size 12 fitted perfectly.

That December, I felt radiant as I walked down the aisle. It would have been such a different day had I felt uncomfortable in how I looked.

But I soaked up the compliments, knowing I looked – and felt – great.

My surgery at Pall Mall Cosmetics was worth every penny. As well as fixing my insecurities, I can now do more things with the children, like go swimming, as I’m less self-conscious.

If you can do something that is life-changing and going to make you feel better about yourself, I say go for it. I’ve never looked back.”

Sarah says her 'mummy makeover' was worth every penny.

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