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Dr Matteo Ria

Dr Matteo Ria - Senior Clinical Psychologist

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Dr Matteo Ria - Senior Clinical Psychologist

Therapy should be also inclusive of a clinical space of absolute trust, confidentiality and total respect" -Dr Ria

Dr Matteo Ria is an internationally licensed Psychologist Practitioner specialised in therapy for a wide spectrum of common mental health presentations. Including depression, anxiety, emotional and behaviour difficulties, trauma & PTSD, sexual health, chronic fatigue, adjustment to health complex chronic conditions (Diabetes, complex Asthma). Dr Ria offers assessment and therapy covering our 3 sites across the region in the North West of England, ensuring facilitating access to therapy for the local population. 

The duration of each session is 60 minutes. The frequency of appointments will be discussed and agreed individually, accordingly to different contributing factors. we now have available Saturday and weekdays later appointment slots.

Dr Ria is passionate about helping people through some of life’s most challenging episodes. Dr Ria is able to combine different approaches within his up to date clinical practice, from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to insight oriented Psychodynamic therapy in order to help patients feeling more resilient, empowered and overall capable to function at their best of capacities. Therapy can be helpful supporting clients with risks reducing strategies, coping with symptoms and improving their adherence to health conditions and as a result enhancing their quality of life perception. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as a common approach can be effective in that, in the frame work of a short medium term intervention. Psychodynamic therapy is also an effective medium long-term treatment where the outcomes if well consolidated, can be long lasting and benefits are cumulative.

Dr Ria’s wide range of expertise comes from over 10 years of client focused clinical activities in the public health sector, where Dr Ria has been exposed to a wide range of clinical settings, working in the most prestigious Trusts across England. Within the present private practice, Dr Ria works alongside other state of art consultants, providing also performance coaching, affirmative therapy within the LGBTQ+ community, tailored therapy for children, young adults and adults struggling with poor sleep, appetite/food regimen, chronic illnesses, eating disorders, general anxiety and low mood.

It might not always be about a condition that needs resolving, it may also be indicated accessing therapy if you are needing to find purpose, self-worth, or you are facing significant life changes and would benefit from support, additional professional tailored inputs and an expert who will understand your concerns. 

Therapy should be a clinical space of absolute trust, confidentiality and total respect”.

Experience has taught Dr Ria that therapy should be a highly personalised, collaborative, authentic journey and overall despite challenges a rewarding professional relationship between two parts. It should also be an active process where both the therapist and client are actively participating in reflecting about life challenges and options available. Dr Ria holds a positive regard for each of his clients, and he will work with you as you make subtle changes in your thoughts and actions, so that you can reshape your experience and expectations. Setting appropriate achievable therapeutic goals and conduct the work together, promoting self-esteem  and fostering personal transformation.

To learn more about his style and practice, or to book an initial consultation/assessment appointment please explore this online resource or contact our clinic reception today. Saturday clinic or late weekdays appointments are now available. 



My Professional Profile:



Adult & paediatric psychology for individuals, couples & families using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), insight-oriented psychodynamic therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy and insight-oriented psychodynamic therapy techniques.

Key interests

  • Acceptance Therapeutic Groups
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Weight Management Tailored Support
  • Sexual Health
  • Neonatal Perinatal Mental Health
  • Post-Stroke/Heart/Major Health Adjustment 
  • Oncology Psychology
  • Substance Misuse/Gambling Addictions
NHS Post Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals - Highly Specialist Senior Clinical Psychologist (CFS, HIV & Cancer Psychology and Palliative Care)


Senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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To learn more about his style and practice, or to book an initial consultation/assessment appointment with Dr Matteo Ria, please contact us on 03300 58 44 55, email us on or contact us online using the form at the top of the page.

No NHS referral is needed to see a consultant psychologist at Pall Mall Medical. We offer a call and book service for all specialists, with self-pay pricing and all appointments being completely discreet and confidential. NO information is shared with the NHS or anybody without your consent.