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Breast Reduction for Preventive Health Reasons

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In preventive health care, having breast reduction surgery is not just about looks or aesthetic goals, which it's commonly associated with within today's society.

This procedure is necessary for proactively addressing physical issues that women with larger breasts face whether from birth or post-pregnancy, along with maintaining positive mental wellbeing.

It goes beyond aesthetics reasons, serving as a proactive step to prevent additional health care problems.

So, it's not just exclusively about the appearance of a patient's breasts but more about making a conscious effort to manage overall physical health.

Here at Pall Mall, we can help you do just that. Our surgeons put your health as the top priority. Book your free consultation today to discover more!

What is preventive health care?

Preventive health care refers to actions taken by an individual to prevent physical illnesses or conditions before they arise or become serious.

It emphasises preventing issues instead of just treating them - aiming to boost the overall wellbeing and quality of life of patients.

In preventive health care, breast reduction surgery is now recognised as an important option for many patients.

While often associated with cosmetic improvements, breast reduction surgery serves as a proactive measure to prevent and address various mental and physical health issues.

These can include:

Breast reduction surgery, as part of preventive health care, aims to alleviate these issues and reduce the risk of associated health complications.

At Pall Mall, patients choose this type of breast surgery to improve their overall health and quality of life.

They also aim to rediscover their love for their breasts, following the preventive care step by addressing potential health concerns before they become more serious or painful in the future.

According to Dr Judy Evans, honorary secretary at Edinburgh’s Royal College of Surgeons, there should be no debate about the potential benefits breast reduction can give to patients.

She says: "This is something that should not be rationed if it's clinically indicated it can improve the life of the patient, and through them, their families."

This shift shows a changing view of healthcare, where cosmetic surgery and health considerations come together for a more holistic approach to wellbeing.

It helps remove any stigma for women seeking breast reduction for preventive health care reasons.

Reasons why people choose breast reduction surgery for preventive health

The choice to undergo breast reduction surgery is a huge step for those looking to prevent and alleviate a range of health issues linked to women with larger breasts.

This decision goes beyond aesthetic considerations, addressing tangible physical discomforts that have a substantial impact on overall wellbeing.

Having larger breasts can result in various health-related problems, and breast reduction surgery provides a solution that can enhance a patient's quality of life.

Here are some essential reasons why individuals may opt for breast reduction surgery as a preventive health measure.

Pain throughout the upper body

One common issue associated with larger breasts is pain throughout the upper body.

The excess weight and strain on the neck, shoulders, and back can lead to chronic discomfort for many women. If left untreated, this pain may escalate, potentially causing more severe conditions.

Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue and reshapes the breasts to achieve a more proportional size. This effectively relieves the strain on your shoulder muscles by reducing the weight and volume of your breasts.

This results in reduced pain and discomfort in your day to day life, allowing you to get back to the things you love to do.

Skin irritation

Skin irritation is another concern women often face within their lifetime due to having larger breasts.

The constant friction and moisture in the folds beneath the breasts can lead to painful rashes and skin irritation.

If not addressed, this can progress to more severe dermatological problems, such as intertrigo leading to serious fungal infections or sepsis.

Breast reduction surgery can address this issue by:

  • Reducing the size of the breasts
  • Minimising friction
  • Promoting healthier skin around the breasts

Pressure on nerves and muscles

Having larger breasts can create pressure on nerves and muscles, causing pain and discomfort.

If not addressed, this pressure may lead to more serious musculoskeletal issues:

  • Affecting posture
  • Impacting mobility
  • Overall quality of life

Breast reduction surgery aims to alleviate this pressure by reducing the weight on your chest, neck, and back. This helps nerves and muscles function more freely, lowering the risk of long-term complications.

Ability to exercise

Larger breasts can make exercising difficult due to their size and weight, finding it difficult to find supporting sports bras - limiting one's ability to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Without surgical intervention, this challenge may contribute to weight gain and other health related issues.

Breast reduction surgery, a key aspect of preventative health care, can restore freedom of movement.

This encourages individuals to engage in regular, pain free exercise and increase their overall physical health.

Mental wellbeing

Having larger breasts can significantly affect women's mental wellbeing.

The physical discomfort and limitations from breast size can impact:

  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence
  • Body image

Without intervention, these mental health issues may worsen into conditions like anxiety and depression.

Breast reduction surgery addresses not only the physical but also the psychological aspects, promoting a positive body image and enhancing overall mental wellbeing.

So, if you've been avoiding low-cut or tight-fitting outfits for years, a breast reduction could be the solution.

Breast reduction surgery as a preventive health care measure offers relief from physical discomforts associated with larger breasted women.

By addressing these issues, this cosmetic surgical intervention becomes an effective solution for patients seeking to proactively manage their health and improve their overall quality of life.

Discover a pain-free life with breast reduction surgery at Pall Mall

Say goodbye to the constant challenges of having large breasts and embrace a life without discomfort from their size.

Our patients have shared how life changing breast reduction surgery has been for them and improving how they look and feel within their body.

Breast reduction surgery at Pall Mall not only provides a proactive solution for preventing physical health issues, but also helps our patients achieve newfound confidence in their bodies.

Take the first step towards a brighter, pain-free future by exploring the possibilities of breast reduction.

We have a range of locations across the UK, including:

  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Chester
  • Newton-le-Willows

With appointments available six days a week either in the early morning, daytime, or evenings, it's never been easier to say goodbye to shoulder pain and hello to a happier, healthier you.

To learn how breast reduction can improve your quality of life, contact our expert team today:

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  • Visit one of our clinics across the North West.
  • Use our contact form to book an appointment and a member of our team will get back to you.

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